Dr. Gabrielle Rieckhof

Dr. Rieckhof holds a PhD in developmental biology and genetics from Columbia University and a MA in mental health counseling from New York University. She did her clinical externship at Baruch College Counseling Center where she continues to work as their Trauma Counselor.

Dr. Rieckhof specializes in working with clients dealing with anxiety, depression, and trauma. Her clinical interests include how issues of identity, diversity, and acculturation affect an individual’s well being, including navigating one’s gender identity and sexual preference in a heteronormative world. Additionally, after working in academic science for more than three decades, she is aware of the unique conditions, stressors, and challenges that academics face, and is comfortable working with students and professionals from academia.

Having trained in genetics, developmental biology, and neurobiology, Dr. Rieckhof understands the role that both nature and nurture play in our lives; however, she believes that we are more than the sum of our genetics and our life experiences because we have the capacity to change. Nature is expressed in particular environmental contexts, and nowhere is that more critical than in social relationships. Such relationships literally shape the architecture and function of our brain as we develop and go through life. Dr. Rieckhof views the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client as a powerful agent of transformation, and that through nonjudgmental exploration, insight and change can occur.

Dr. Rieckhof approaches her therapeutic work with a focus on relational psychodynamics that is grounded in attachment theory that integrates mindfulness. She encourages clients to build a curiosity about their internal emotional worlds in order to obtain a better sense of themselves, with the goal of living more deeply integrated and fulfilling lives.