Dr. Anna Gurgenidze

Dr. Anna Gurgenidze holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University. Dr. Gurgenidze completed her Master’s level internship at the Addiction Institute, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital where she worked with people suffering from co-occurring emotional issues and addictions. She completed her Doctoral internship at Elmhurst Hospital Center where she worked with survivors of torture and cumulative childhood trauma. Dr. Gurgenidze has extensive experience providing psychotherapy to people of varied racial and cultural backgrounds, and in a variety of settings, including community mental health clinics, hospitals, and private practice settings. She has worked with clients struggling with trauma-related difficulties, depression, anxiety, interpersonal issues, compulsive behavior, and anger management, among other concerns.

Working in the contemporary psychodynamic relational framework allows Dr. Gurgenidze to use the immediacy of the therapeutic session as an engine for psychic change and healing. She strives toward cultivating a wiser attitude towards emotional experience that can open up new possibilities of relating to oneself and others. Through receptive listening, Dr. Gurgenidze strives to cultivate a new kind of curiosity that allows her patients to get in touch with parts of the self that are often most challenging to accept, yet may also carry within them the most relatable and creative aspects of self. At the end, Dr. Gurgenidze works to help her patients develop a sense of emotional freedom and find ways of being that are uniquely and comfortably theirs.