Dr. Erika Guzman

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Therapist & Supervisor

I am a NY state licensed clinical psychologist. I earned a BA in psychology from UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. I went on to complete an MA and doctorate in clinical psychology at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.

I have extensive experience working with diverse populations and equally diverse presenting issues. I have successfully worked with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, relationship issues, trauma, and major life transitions. Within the last several years, my work has also included helping adults who have been victims of major crimes (e.g., rape, assault, childhood sexual abuse, human trafficking, homicide survivors) and those with a history of complex trauma. I am fortunate to be able to offer services in both English and Spanish.

My treatment approach is rooted in the importance of providing clients with an authentic, safe, and empathic connection that can develop into a secure relationship and strong working alliance. While I use known evidence-based tools to help alleviate symptoms and reduce interference with positive functioning, I believe in treating the whole person. I take into consideration one’s cultural context, background, past experiences, internal processes (both conscious and unconscious) and formative relationships so that I can better conceptualize treatment needs. My training includes a unique specialization in integrating one’s spirituality with one’s psychological functioning, and I invite clients to openly explore issues of faith and spirituality if these are meaningful components of one’s identity.

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