Counseling and Trauma Care

Here, at STEPS, our goal is to provide high-quality, evidence-based, and holistic treatment for all affected by adverse and traumatic events. We are staffed with licensed clinicians, with years of experience and expertise in treating consequences of trauma, such as depression, anxiety, panic, and Post-Traumatic Stress.

We also recognize that traumatic events do not occur in a vacuum. It is our deep conviction that family involvement and social support are instrumental in the recovery process. Therefore, we also provide the following therapy modalities for all recovering from traumatic symptoms, as well as family members and significant others who need support in supporting their loved ones.

  • Individual psychotherapy for children and adults of all ages.
  • Couples therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Group therapy—for trauma recovery, as well as support and educational groups for family members/significant others of individuals coping with trauma
  • Trauma therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress—our staff is trained in several evidence-based therapy modalities for overcoming Post-Traumatic Stress, such as
      • Cognitive Processing Therapy
      • Prolonged Exposure
      • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children and adolescents


Our clinicians are happy to provide workshops on recognizing the symptoms of trauma, trauma-informed care, and other topics. Please call 631-683-8499 for more information.

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