Organizational Consulting

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STEPS offers consultations to organizations invested in making cultural change.

In keeping with our mission to provide reparative care with cultural humility, STEPS offers consultations to organizations invested in making cultural change. The needs of each organization deeply vary and STEPS strives to collaboratively explore ways in which sustainable change can take place. Organizational change begins with assessing the organization’s needs through engaging with leadership as well as listening to all members’ needs in order to effectively offer collaborative and sustainable solutions. We offer a range of options from ongoing training to specific, directed workshops. We also consult with other psychotherapy practices to integrate the sociopolitical and cultural spheres into psychotherapy work in an ethically collaborative way.

Areas of consultation include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing trauma-informed care in healthcare settings and trauma-informed education in school settings
  • Organizational level changes to promote justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Utilizing liberation psychology to understand the impact of intergenerational sociopolitical trauma.

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