Our Vision

Have any of the following affected your life or the life of a loved one: 

  • natural disaster or vehicular or other accident
  • participating in or witnessing combat
  • domestic violence / domestic abuse
  • sexual, physical, or emotional abuse
  • being a victim of a crime
  • chronic exposure to hardship
  • growing up in a harsh environment
  • cancer, life-threatening/chronic illness, or painful medical procedures
  • adoption difficulties / Attachment Reactive Disorder
  • infertility 
  • human trafficking
  • witnessing a loved one get hurt or losing a loved one
  • abuse from someone in authority
  • infidelity or tumultuous divorce

Then you are at the right place. 

At STEPS, we believe in the unwavering ability of the human spirit to heal and grow after facing adversity. We also know that recovery is only possible where there is understanding and compassionate help, which integrates multiple ways of assisting the mind and body to heal. STEPS was created with two missions in mind: helping individuals grow and realize their full potential after experiencing adversity, and helping communities more openly and emphatically talk about trauma and its impacts. True healing is only possible in an environment and within a community which provide safety, understanding, and non-judgmental acceptance. 

To fulfill our mission, we strive to provide the highest quality trauma-informed and evidence-based treatment for all affected by stressful events and traumatic experiences. We offer individual, as well as group and family therapy for adults and children of all ages who have been exposed to traumatic events or love someone who is struggling to recover from a traumatic event. We are staffed with competent, experienced, and empathic clinicians who are trained in trauma-informed treatment. We approach each case individually, assessing your and your family’s needs first, then collaboratively creating an individualized treatment plan that fits your goals, fostering healing and growth.

We also maintain an ever-growing database of entries on a variety of topics related to trauma exposure, impact, and healing. You can access it under our Health News tab. 

Is this for me?

Even by considering entering psychotherapy, you are making a very important first step towards regaining control of your life. Adversity, trauma, and chronic stressors have a way of chipping away our feelings of agency, self-confidence, and sense of control of our own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. They can get lodged in our bodies, making it very difficult to just get over it”. If you are asking yourself the question if this is for you, it probably is. Call us at 631-301-4888 or fill out this form. A staff member will contact you within 72 hours to assess your needs and help you make the most important first step towards healing and self-fulfillment.


Currently, we offer services at two conveniently located offices in Suffolk county and in Midtown Manhattan, as well as virtually. The first step in beginning treatment is to set up a consultation for an initial assessment. A therapist will complete a brief screening to determine which of our therapists would be the best fit for you and discuss some of your options for treatment. To set up your consultation, call 1-631-301-4888 or fill out this form and we will contact you within 2 business days.

Our locations are:

23 Green Street,Suite 105
Huntington, NY 11743


Chanin Building, Midtown Manhattan,
122 E 42nd St, #2705
New York, NY 10168

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